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Theo Mallier: Growing Pains is the first of seven books in the The Theo Mallier Story. It is the tale of a man from North Shields who saves two children from a burning car and in the process becomes disfigured. After a spell of post traumatic stress disorder, he decides to run for Prime Minister, and gets the job. One of those stories that can actually do what everybody has said before: ‘If I was Prime Minister…’

Part One is free here as a pdf. Theo Mallier: Growing Pains, normally priced at ¬£0.99, traces how Theo got to the point of wanting to change the world…

You can get any of my books on my Amazon page, which includes all seven books of The Theo Mallier Story together in one book with a 50% discount.

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Andrew Culyer.

Get the free book, Theo Mallier: Growing Pains, here.

And here’s a free pdf sample from another book: Anthony’s Angel.

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